Gianna remy



Gianna Remy is the player's mentor in Hell Yeah Burgers! VR game. Her personality is modeled after that of Gordon Ramsey (Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, etc.). She's a world-renowned chef and runs her own elite kitchen. The game is set in a start-up restaurant, where the player works towards completing orders that Gianna relays.


We worked on stylized designs to create a balance between stress and fun. Gianna is a hot-head and has red hair to match. With some research I discovered chefs wear white to signify status and cleanliness. In addition, white is easy to bleach if the uniform is stained. She has rolled-up sleeves, a cartilage piercing, and combat boots, since her role in the game is to "whip the character into shape". 





Blend shapes

Blend shapes were used to modify Gianna's expressions (paired with full-body animations). This allowed us to tweak her mouth movements in more complex combinations.




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